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Anita Renfroe

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 | 7 pm

Anita Renfroe

She has been described as “a triple shot of espresso in a decaf world,” but there isn’t a latte cup big enough to hold the party that Anita Renfroe brings. Her inventive blend of musical comedy and inspiration leave audiences with cheeks that hurt and hearts infused with humor and hope. The moment she takes the mic, you can be sure truth will arrive in Technicolor—as different as Kansas is to Oz. As a comedian, musician, author, and speaker, Anita stretches each experience beyond the normal boundaries. (Who wants to be normal, anyway?) She is decidedly original, bodacious in her faith, and unashamedly real.

With the ease of your best friend, Anita brings practical wisdom paired with fall-off-your-seat humor. “Laughter breaks down walls. It disarms people. It allows extraordinary truth to be communicated in unexpected ways,” says Anita. “Laughter really is the shortest distance between two hearts.

“When Anita takes the stage, few subjects are off limits—and she has a refreshingly honest, flat-out-funny take on them all. The hallmarks of her ministry are summed up in the words of her own song, “Keeping it real, keeping it simple,keeping it true.” Anita’s high-octane messages (Life is funny! Age is a reason for celebration! God is passionately in love with you!) resonate with audiences, engage hearts, and supply truth in one vibrant, hilarious package.

Anita is a multifaceted creative artist, and her projects reflect the remarkable diversity of her gifts. Books, comedy concert videos, and CDs, both vocal and instrumental, all convey Anita’s insuppressible joy that lightens the hearts and feeds the souls of her audience.

Anita and her husband, John, make their home in suburban Atlanta with their semi-grown children, Calvin, Austin, and Elyse.