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Schedule & Events

Fine Arts

Orlando2013 Fine Arts Festival

The 2013 National Fine Arts Festival begins Monday, August 5, with an on-site check-in. Presentations take place throughout the week and the Festival culminates with the Friday evening Celebration Service. All presentations as well as the Celebration Service are open to General Council Registrants.

For more information regarding registration deadlines, fees, rules and procedures, visit

Kappa Tau

Launched in 2008, the Kappa Tau program is designed to help students continue to discover and develop their ministry gifts beyond high school. KT is open to students who are no longer eligible to participate in Fine Arts.

For more information regarding registration deadlines, fees, rules and procedures, visit

General Council Youth Services

Evening services run throughout the week and are open to all registered attendees. The youth services combine effective and dynamic speakers with powerful worship. All guests, including cameo artist appearances, worship bands, and speakers, are to be announced in the spring of 2013.

The Celebration Service immediately follows the joint youth and adult service on Friday, August 5. During the National Fine Arts Festival Celebration Service, the top Fine Arts participants from across the nation are honored and attendees are sure to be inspired by the various performances by Award of Merit, Award of Excellence, and Honorable Mention recipients.

AIM Orlando2013 Outreach

Ambassadors in Mission (AIM) offers an experience of a lifetime as youth from across the nation unite to show the love of Jesus Christ to the city of Orlando. Partnering with the Penn Florida district, AIM invites you to join this powerful outreach ministry.

*This event is for teams only. Transportation is not provided. For registration and further information, please contact the national AIM office at (417) 862-2781, ext. 4039, or e-mail

2013 National Bible Quiz Bible Challenge Tournament

The 2013 Bible Challenge Tournament is open to students fitting the same age/grade criteria as Fine Arts. Scholarships are awarded for post-high school education/training to the first and second place winners.

The tournament is conducted in a one-on-one, round robin format with questions spanning from Genesis to Revelation and varying in difficulty. For more information, please contact the National Bible Quiz office at (417) 862-2781 or e-mail